Sunday, October 4, 2015

I chose life.

Tomorrow afternoon I will be heading off to my first appointment with my new Lyme-literate doctor. I made my first call to his office in 2013 but due to various life circumstances I have had to reschedule multiple times.

This time it's real and I am set for a 2 o'clock appointment with that doctor, a past president of the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society, defender of patient rights and reseacher. I am hoping to finally get somewhere after years of proper treatment being promised only to see it not come true.

Even just the act of setting up to see him has been life-altering as it set off a chain of events that has put me in an advantageous position for once!  Since July 2015 I have lost 40 pounds. Due to chronic illness and poor diet my blood sugar was high and in June my A1c was 7.1. It is now 5.9 and my average daily blood sugar is normal. This was achieved through a low carb, high healthy fat eating plan, high in fiber and as natural as possible.

Detoxing is also a daily thing as well. One of my liver enzymes I could never get below 40. It is now 29. I have also been doing some mental fall cleaning as well. I have finally begun to accept and confront my PTSD diagnosis. I also have put together a treatment protocol with my psychiatrist that will benefit me during tick-borne disease related treatment.

I have never had the strength to climb this far up the mountain, and while I am nowhere near the summit, I have crossed the line where I would have reverted back. It came to me viewing this as a life or death decision. Did I want to remain sick and unhappy, missing out on life in order to soothe my denial with unhealthy habits or did I want live, get better and regain my life?

I chose life. 

My husband, also sick with Lyme, made this possible as well. We jointly made the decision to change our habits and with both of us working towards a goal it was made much easier and attainable. We've had two years of hardship and through that have opened a new chapter. We can smell the greener grass on the other side, now it's time to climb the fence!

- KMH 10/04/15

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